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percussion quartet & electronics performed by the department of the Maastricht Music Academy

unisono for 2 percussion players performed by slowenian percussion duo [Simon Klavžar, Jože Bogolin] 

includes also works by Nebojša J. Živković, Anna Ignatowicz-Glinska, Alexej Gerassimez, Bela Bartok, Wayne Siegel & Adi Morag

  back to yourself (RC 016)
three meditations for melody instrument and piano performed by christian elin [soprano saxophone] & anna d´errico [piano]

includes also works by Graham Fitkin, Marc Mellits, Stefan Nerf, Lepo Summera, Peter Michael Hamel Enjott Schneider, Christian Ellin & Manfred Stahnke

UNANSWERED QUESTIONS (OC 405) Unanswered Questions (OC 405)
diffracted thoughts for accordion solo performed by stefanie schumacher

includes also works by Masha Khotimski, Laurence Traiger, Arash Safaian & Leos Janáček

Greek Flute Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries Greek Flute Music (Naxos 8.572369)
aeolian elegy for flute solo performed by katrin zenz

includes also works by Manos Tsangaris, Dimitri Terzakis, Giorgos Koumentakis, Anestis Logothetis, Theodore Antoniou, Fani Kosona

sound expolsions! sound explosions!  (UNIMOZ 33-38)
chorochronos II for timpani solo, brass, piano and percussion performed by peter sadlo, and the bläserphilharmonie salzburg under the conduction of hansjörg angerer. 

includes also compositions by p. creston and e.l. leitner

photonic constructions photonic constructions (NEOS 10922)
photonic constructions I, meta- soundscapes (ROAI IV), tetraktys, krámata, archégonon.
performed by the ensemble modern, ars nova ensemble, ensemble spectral, orchestra sinfonica nationalle della RAI, peter sadlo, kasper de roo, tito ceccherini, werner heider.

Piano music by greek composers (II) piano music by greek composers (II)
premiere recording of | ROAI III (Dataflow) for piano, synthesized & electroacoustic sounds|
includes compositions by m. tsangaris, y. ioannidis, m. adamis, m. borboudakis, m. vlitakis, l. papadimitripou, y. adamis, p. kokoras performed by ermis theodorakis
electronics produced with 

Piano Works 

Minas Borboudakis Piano Works (NEOS 10701)
the entire works for piano (1995-2007). performed by the composer. short electronic interludes created by metallic piano sounds are filling the intervals between the acoustic works. the album includes |cycloids I, 1945. nachklänge der vergangenheit, metal mechanics I-V, palindromia, katharsis, sechs gedanken|  or   download on itunes

Peter Sadlo Peter Sadlo spielt Minas Borboudakis (CCD 417)
one of the most famous percussion players performs percussion works by minas borboudakis such as choróchronos I, evlogitária, Σ- cassiopeia, chorochronos II

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