Radio Lora 92.4 | Griechisches Haus | 12 April 2011
   Dr. Anastasia Tzilinis in an interview with the composer talking about music, inspiration and the working process of Minas Borboudakis

   BR Klassik | Do Re Mikro |  7 February 2011
   Radio producer Barbara Weiss and the seven year old violin player Paula         interview Minas Borboudakis for the radio programme for children >do re mirko<
   Bayerischer Rundfunk | BR Klassik |  13 March 2010
   Julia Stölzel from the bavarian classic radio | BR- Klassik | recommends the CD  
   >photonic constructions< on the web CD- Tipps as a CD of the week!

   Schwere Reiter | Munich |  15 January 2010
  Dr. Meret Forster and Minas Borboudakis discuss about the chamber music     works titled  | ROAI |. The conversation took place in the Schwere Reiter                      hall in Munich after an invitation of the munich section of the IGNM.

   Bayerischer Rundfunk | BR 4 classic zu Gast |  25 July 2007
   Elgin Heuerding and Minas Borboudakis in conversation about the premiere      of his music theatre | liebe. nur liebe |

   Bayerische Staatsoper Podcast|  30 January 2007
   Detlef Eberhard and Minas Borboudakis discuss about music, sound,
   Pythagoras and his new string quartett | tetraktys |

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