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slow rain for mixed choir (2013)

premiere: 24th of May 2014
Deutscher Chorwettbewerb, Weimarhalle, Weimar, Germany
performer: Via Nova Chor, conductor: Florian Helgath
commissioned by Deutscher Musikrat

published by Edition Peters


ἐδιζησ[Ά]μην ἐμε[Ω]υτόν for solo voice & live electronics (2012)

premiere: 16th of May 2012
Munich Biennale, Muffatwerk, Munich, Germany
performer: Martina Koppelstetter (vc) Minas Borboudakis (el)
commissioned by the 13th Munich Biennale


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Rime Sparse for six voices (2008/ 09)

sopr./ ten. I/ ten. II/ ten. III/ bar./ bs.
premiere: 14th of August 2009
MDR Musik Sommer Festival, Huysburg, Germany
vocal ensemble: Singer- Pur
commissioned by Singer- Pur
based on sonnets by Petrarch
published by manuscript       

Αριστοφανικόν | Aristophanikon for choir, percussion, pianos & sampler (2006/ 07)

choir (S,A,T,B)/ 6 perc./ 2 pno. (also samp.)
premiere: 6th of May 2007
Les Muséiques Festival 2007, Elisabethen Kirche, Basel, Switzerland
Basel Theatre Choir, Peter Sadlo percussion group, Minas Borboudakis, Andreas Skouras, conductor: Henryk Polus
commissioned by les Muséiques festival
based on texts by Aristophanes
published by manuscript         

….Geist aus dem Allgeist….. for 2 speech choirs, children choir, horn and organ (2004)

2 sp. ch./ child. ch./ hrn./ org.
premiere: 14th of November 2004
St. Eberhart, Stuttgart, Germany
St. Eberhard choirs, conductor: Martin Dücker
awarded with the Tübingen Composition Scholarship

based on psalms by David and poems by Rose Ausländer
published by manuscript         

Jandl Zyklus for children choir (2003)

sopr. 1/ sopr. 2/ alt. 1/ alt. 2
premiere: 31st of Oktober 2003
Stadtheater, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Viva Vocina choir, conductor: Margarita Burkhart
commissioned by the A.m.j.
based on poems by Ernst Jandl
published by möseler Verlag         

Άλκηστις | Alcistis for 16 male voices (2001)

8 ten./ 8 bs. voices
based on Eurepides´ tragedy
published by manuscript         

Μικρή σουϊτα σε κόκκινο μείζον | Kleine suite im roten Dur for voice and piano (1998)

mezz. sopr. or bar./ pno
premiere: 8th of March 1998
Kleiner Konzertsaal Gasteig, Munich, Germany
baritone: Dimitris Tiliakos, piano: Minas Borboudakis
based on poetry by Jannis Ritsos
published by manuscript         

Laut und Loise (Bericht, bei Tag) for children choir (1997)

sopr. 1/ sopr. 2/ alt.
based on poems by Ernst Jandl
published by möseler Verlag         

Steingartenstille 12 Haiku for soprano, flute and percussion (1995)

sopr./ fl./ perc I
premiere: 4th of Oktober 1995
Kleiner Konzertsaal Gasteig, Munich, Germany
soprano: Claudia Rohrbach, flute: Kozue Sato, percussion: Jürgen Spitschka
commissioned by the Kulturkreis Gasteig
CD release |steingartenstille| by Traurige Tropen
published by ►manuscript         

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