Enheduanna - A Manifesto of Falling a Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance (2014/15)

5 channel tape/ live spatialisation
premiere: 30th of July 2015
Contemporary Centre of Arts /Glasgow, Great Britain
Actress: Anastasia Kastinavaki | Director/ Brain-Computer Interface/ Live Visuals : Polina Zioga | Music: Minas Borboudakis
commissioned by the The Glasgow School of Arts
with the kind support by the NEON Foundation Athens


Angels a dance theater in seven images (2013/14)

4 perc./ electr.
premiere: 26th of June 2014
Muziekgieterij /Timmerfabriek, Maastricht, Netherlands
Percussion I-IV: Diego Yañez Busto, Nestor Morales Vitoria, Tim Verstegen, Jonathan Beyers director/ choreographer: Jan van Opstal | conductor: Minas Borboudakis
commissioned by the Maastricht Academy of Music ZUYD
with the kind support by the Edmond Hustinx Foundation

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ἐδιζησ[Ά]μην ἐμε[Ω]υτόν for solo voice & live electronics (2012)

premiere: 16th of May 2012
Munich Biennale, Muffatwerk, Munich, Germany
performer: Martina Koppelstetter (vc) Minas Borboudakis (el)
commissioned by the 13th Munich Biennale


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liebe. nur liebe [music theatre in 8 scenes] based on a libretto by Frank M. Reifenberg (2006/ 07)

1 act./ 2 sopr./ 2 mezz. sopr./ 2 ten./ 1 bar. 1 bs/ 1 fl.(also picc. & bs. fl.)/ 1 cl. (also Eb cl. & bs cl.)/ 1 ob. (also c.a.)/ 1 bsn. (also dbsn.) 1 perc./ 1 pno. (also samp.)/ 3 vl./ vla./ vlc./ dbs. (also elect. bs.)/ tape/ live electr.  
premiere: 25th of July 2007 Munich Opera Festival
Marstall Theater/ Munich, Germany
members of the Bavarian State Opera conductor: Kent Nagano
commissioned by the Bayrische Staatsoper
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Die Venezianer in Schongau (1997)

instrumental ensemble
premiere: 7th of August 1997
Schongauer Festspiele, Germany
commisioned by the Schongauer Festspiele
stage music to the historical spectacle by Herbert Rosendorfer
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Edition Peters
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