chamber music

Requiem für einen Felsen (2016/17)

4 perc.
premiere: 12th of January 2017
Hochschule für Musik, Munich, Germany
Percussion I-IV: Stefan Landes, Lennard Nijs, Tobias Gasser, Maxime Pidoux

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ONE - strips (2015)

string quartet
premiere: 9th of May 2015
Villa Concordia, Bamberg, Germany
Sonar Quartett
commissioned by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung
for the 15th Tage der Neuen Musik Bamberg

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Angels a dance theater in seven images (2013/14)

4 perc./ electr.
premiere: 26th of June 2014
Muziekgieterij /Timmerfabriek, Maastricht, Netherlands
Percussion I-IV: Diego Yañez Busto, Nestor Morales Vitoria, Tim Verstegen, Jonathan Beyers director/ choreographer: Jan van Opstal | conductor: Minas Borboudakis
commissioned by the Maastricht Academy of Music ZUYD
with the kind support by the Edmond Hustinx Foundation


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tautochronie (2011/12)

2 pno./ 2 perc./ live electr.
premiere: 2nd of May 2012
Konzerthaus, Berlin, Germany
Berlin PianoPercussion Ensemble
commissioned by Berlin PianoPercussion Ensemble
with the kind support by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung
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synaptic arpeggiator (2011)

picc./ eb clar./ cor ang./ bass clar./ dbsn.
premiere: 20th of Oktober 2011
Festival Oktobermusikfest, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
members of the Bavarian State Orchestra
commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera

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Roai V [midi ballade] (2010)

viola, bass clarinet and prepared piano
premiere: 23rd of Oktober 2010
Kloster Weißenau, Ravensburg, Germany
clarinets: Bettina Fais, viola: Christiane Arnold, piano: Minas Borboudakis
commissioned by the Gesellschaft für neue Musik Oberschwaben

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Τετρακτύς | Tetraktys for string quartett (2006)

vl. I/ vl. II/ vla./ vlc.
premiere: 2nd of February 2007
XX/ XXI Neue Kammermusik Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
members of the Bavarian State Orchestra
commissioned by the Bayerische Staatsoper
CD release |photonic constructions| by NEOS

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ΡΟΑΙ ΙΙ | ROAI II for cello and piano (2005)

vlc./ pno.
premiere: 27th of January 2006 Feldtmann kulturell, Hamburg, Germany cello: Johannes Moser, piano: Minas Borboudakis commissioned by Feldtmann Kulturell
published by manuscript      programme notes   video

Επτάφθογγον | Heptáfthongon for japanese traditional instruments (2005)

2 shakuhachi, shamisen, 3 koto
premiere: 5th of November 2005 Japan Foundation, Cologne, Germany Ensemble of Contemporary Japanese Music Research Society commissioned by the Contemporary Japanese Music Research Society  
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Brain Storming for baritone saxophone and percussion (2005)

bar. sax./ 1 perc.
premiere: 12th of February 2005 Black Box Gasteig, Munich, Germany saxophone: Hans-Christian Dellinger, percussion: Thomas Hastreiter commissioned by the Greek General Consulate in Munich  
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Unisono for 2 percussion players (2003)

perc. 1/ perc. 2
premiere: 21st of April 2005 Rathaussaal, Andelsbuch, Austria percussion 1: David Haller, percussion 2: Klaus Schwärzle  
published by manuscript       

Κόρδαξ | Kórdax for 3 oboe players (2003)

ob. I/ ob. II/ cor ang.
commissioned by the trio Triad  
published by manuscript         

Epigramm for basson and piano (2002/ 03)

bsn./ pno
premiere: 25th of April 2003 Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam, Netherlands duo Palmos commissioned by the duo Palmos  
published by manuscript         

ΡΟΑΙ I | ROAI I for violin, cello and piano (2002)

vl./ vlc./ pno
premiere: 21st of March 2002 Curiohaus, Hamburg, Germany Eurus Trio
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3 Meditations for any melodic instrument and piano (1998)

any melodic instrument (fl. or cl. or vl. etc)/ pno.
premiere: 27th of February 1998 Kleiner Konzertsaal Gasteig, Munich, Germany sopran saxophone: Volker Gries, piano: Minas Borboudakis CD release | back to yourself | by RACCANTO  
published by manuscript  

Nachklänge III for alto flute and piano (1997)

alt. fl./ pno.
premiere: 4th of September 1997 Sapporo, Japan alto flute: Kozue Sato, piano: Yoko Satamura  
published by manuscript     

Χωρόχρονος Ι | Choróchronos I for 2 piano and 2 percussion players (1997)

2 pno./ 2 perc.
premiere: 19th of January 1998 Kleiner Konzertsaal Gasteig, Munich, Germany percussion: David Haller, Jens Hilse, piano: Minas Borboudakis, Urzula Mitrenga awarded the Rodion Shchedrin chamber music prize
CD release |peter sadlo plays minas borboudakis| by Cavalli Records
published by Edition Peters      programme notes   video

Αυλωδία | Aulodia for 2 recorder players (1996)

alto, descant rec./ tenor, 2 alto rec
premiere: 19th of June 1996 Karajan Zentrum, Vienna, Austria recorder: Markus Zahnhausen, Markus Bartholome
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Steingartenstille 12 Haiku for soprano, flute and percussion (1995)

sopr./ fl./ perc I
premiere: 4th of Oktober 1995 Kleiner Konzertsaal Gasteig, Munich, Germany soprano: Claudia Rohrbach, flute: Kozue Sato, percussion: Jürgen Spitschka commissioned by the Kulturkreis Gasteig CD release |steingartenstille| by Traurige Tropen  
published by ►manuscript         

Μήδεια | Medea for 4 pianos (1994)

pno. 1/ pno. 2/ pno. 3/ pno. 4
premiere: 8th of May 1996 Kleiner Konzertsaal Gasteig, Munich, Germany piano: Victor Alcantara, Antje Uhle, Minas Borboudakis, N.N  
published by ►manuscript         

Nachklänge I for clarinet and cymbalon (1994)

cl./ cymbl
premiere: 24th of February 1994 Kleiner Konzertsaal Gasteig, Munich, Germany clarinet: Deborah Marshall, cymbalon: Eri Goto
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