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works for percussion | Munich

A further concert in Memorian Peter Sadlo is taking place at the Orff-Zentrum Munich. The legendary percussionist Peter Sadlo was not just a collaborator but also a great inspiration for Minas ...
[06.04.2017 / Orff-Zentrum | Munich | Germany]

Evlogitária | Munich

The munich section of the international society for contemporary music is running again it´s biannual marathon- concert >musikfest<. 26 composers and 40 performers will introduce their newest ...
[08.04.2017 / Schwere Reiter | Munich | Germany]

Minas Borboudakis recieves the Music Prize of the City of Munich

"His fascinating, musical language is based on precise virtuosically brilliantly multi-layered instrumentation." The City of Munich announced Minas Borboudakis as one of the recipients of the ...
[09.05.2017 / Munich, Germany]

photonic constructions I | Kassel

The Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie performs >photonic constructions I< for ensemble in concert series soundcheck im eulensaal at the University of Kassel. The work was commissioned by ...
[30.05.2017 / University of Kassel | Kassel | GErmany]

>Σ- Cassiopeia< | Bregenzer Festspiele

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra and multi percussionist Dimitris Desyllas will perform >Σ- Cassiopeia< for metallic percussion solo and string orchestra under the baton of Constantinos Carydis. ...
[07.08.2017 / Festspielhaus | Bregenzer Festspiele | Austria]

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